Friday, January 30, 2009

Food and Gardens

This week I started my Italian Cuisine class and it is so much fun!! I am sad we only have 5 classes the whole semester, but they will be my favorite 5 classes! This week we learned about the cuisine local to the Italian region of Lazio, which is where Rome and Viterbo are located! Our first course was bruschetta with olive oil fresh from my teachers own olive trees, it was delicious! Then we made a chick pea hazzelnut soup which was probably the best soup I have ever had, I will be making it again for sure! The next course was pasta with tomato and prosciutto sauce. Then we had a meat course with thin sliced pork with prosciutto and a sage leaf on top, and a salad with some strange greens and a dressing made with garlic, lemon, salt, anchovies, and oil. Then we had a cheese course where we tried 3 different cheeses which were all delicious and we had a really sweet white wine with this that was really good! Finally we had some homemade hazzelnut biscotti! The whole night was so much fun, I can't wait until the next class :)

I also had my first trip for my Italian Gardens class on Friday. We went to 2 gardens, Frascati and Tivoli! It was a lot of fun, we didn't get to see a lot of Frascati because a nobel family still lives in the palace and has a lot of it closed off, but Tivoli was Amazing!! We have quite a few more trips for this class I am really excited to see all the different kinds of gardens!

Here are some pictures from cuisine class and the gardens, along with some of my other favorites from around Viterbo!

The class (except Rachal)

The extra thick pasta used in Viterbo

Me and Rach

Mmm... Biscotti!


Frascati Palace

Tivoli (looking out over Rome)

Another view of Rome from the Garden

Behind a Fountain

One of the many fountains!

A drinking fountain :)

Jenny, Amy, Me, Rachal,Bethany and Beth

The hundred fountains

In a Tree!

Fountain of Tivoli

Statue of Pegasus

A view of the garden


This is a pizza from a local pizzeria, we all got our own pizza and finished them! However the one in this picture is the one I ordered first and then it had anchovies on it and I couldn't eat it so I ordered a different one and ate that :)

Me and Rachal pushing the grocery cart all the way home from the grocery store because we got way to much stuff to carry home! The walk is pretty much all up hill so we both had to push!


  1. more and more jealous!
    your classes look amazing and so does that pizza! holy crap it is huge! can you send me one of those via fedex or something?

  2. CASSIE! I miss you so much! Holy cow youre in Italy! So jealous! Yes Bryce and I are coming back in August...when do you get home?