Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So I finally made it to Italy, got some internet and learned how to use a blog :)

Where to start I have a few days to catch up on:
The flight was good I had 2 flights and the first one was great... just what I am used to about 4 hours and me and Bethany had a seat in between us... the second flight was from Washington to Roma and was a little over 8 hours I tried to sleep and did a little bit, but not well. We were greeted at the airport by our program directors Stefano and Franchesca, they are both very nice and very helpful, the first day was extremely long and tiring because of all the travel and the 8 hour time difference. It took a couple days but I overcame the jet lag, however the eating schedule took a bit longer. In Italy it is normal to have coffee for breakfast and since I don't drink coffee that means no breakfast, I have been eating fruit, they have a large lunch at around 1:00 and no restaurants even open for dinner until 8:00. It has taken awhile but I think I am getting used to it but since I am still always hungry in between those times I stocked up at the grocery store :)

Our first few days we all just got aquatinted with the town of Viterbo. The main part of the town is surrounded by walls that have been there since medieval times and the entire city is very old and beautiful!

We had 2 days of orientation and filling out papers to request a permit of stay but today we started our first class Elementary Italian, which is going to help a lot! It has been interesting getting around town without speaking Italian, but we have managed so far. I am really excited for my Italian Cuisine and Italian Gardens classes to start they sound amazing... I will let you know!

There is a lot to get used to here, in America we are so spoiled we have every modern convenience known to man I am excited to live differently and truly experience something different! Some things that are really different are the smoking rules, everyone in Italy smokes and they do it wherever they want, even in buildings that have no smoking signs, such as the dorms and university buildings! That is one thing I love about Arizona no second hand smoke :) Also driving here is crazy they drive tiny cars down tiny alleys and streets that don't have street signs at very fast speeds and pretty much park wherever they want... they will even block in another car! Toilets are very different first of all most don't have toilet seats which is WEIRD... and they flush very differently. The showers in the dorms are tiny even for a midget... so i leave the door open its the only way haha! Also people here don't smile they just stare at you I think they think me Rachal and Bethany are weird because we are always smiling and cracking up... Oh Well :)

Lots more fun stuff to come but for now here are some pictures:

Eating dinner (bread and cheese) on a bench!
Delicious cookie Nutella in the center!
The Espresso cups are so cute!!

Cutest Cafe!! (and they speak English)

Me and Rachal with our gelato... mine is Nutella flavored best thing ever!!

1st rainy night

My dorm room

Our dorm building
Me, Rachal and Bethany

The City Walls
Walking around Viterbo
The donkeys that live behind my room!
My tiny shower

Plazz dei Papi... The Pope lived here from 1257-1281

First pizza!




  1. cassie!!! ahh, its looks like you guys are having so much fun. I am excited that I can look at your blog. Mine is! love ya girl

  2. Hey cassie! I love all the pictures and commentary, we will be checking it as much as we can. Don't get addicted to Nuttello or whatever that stuff is. Well gotta go mow the lawn before the big Cardinal football game, lets hope they win and move on to the Super Bowl-who would've ever thought!
    Captain Asphalt ouuttt!!