Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break Part 1: London

This is from my first few days of spring break that I spent in London!! It was so much fun, we got pretty lucky it never rained when we were there, which I guess never happens! Also the food in London is delicious it is more like what I am used to back home, they have a lot more options besides pizza, pasta or pizza! It was also my first experience being in a car where they drive on the opposite side of the road, a lot of the time it didn't seem to weird it just felt like you were on a one way street, but then when they turned I got all backwards. Crossing the street was interesting too, I looked the wrong way every time, good thing someone was always there to make sure I didn't walk into oncoming traffic! All the people were really friendly and it was nice to be able to speak English, even though with the accent sometimes it was still hard to understand them and for them to understand us... but still a lot more clear than in Italy!!! Oh and it was super clean despite the fact it was impossible to find a trash can half the time! 

Anyway I loved it here are pictures:

We started our first day in London off with some food of course, then I saw a pasty shop right next to a Starbucks and I was set! The pasty was delicious and so was the iced tea!
Although there were Starbucks everywhere in London this was the only one that would make an iced tea, it is the strangest thing no one in Europe thinks it is possible to make hot tea iced tea, but they sure no how to make the hot coffee iced coffee! Oh well at least I got one good one out of the 7 or so that I tried throughout the week!
This was the view from our window in our hotel in Russel Square
Pretty tree in the park across from our hotel, the canopy was HUGE I loved it! 
Rachal and I with our little piece of the tree
In front of Buckingham Palace 
The beautiful flower beds around the Palace
Buckingham Palace
Guards leaving the palace
Rachal and I
The beginning of the Changing of the Guard. I was told, via the internet, that the Changing of the Guard was a must see if you are in London so of course I made Rachal sit through it. The internet instructed you to get there at least 30 minutes early to get a good spot, well good thing me and Rachal are always early, in this case 2 hours early. When we got there 2 hours before it started all the good spots were already taken so we decided to take a seat against the gate. Slowly but surely the place got packed and by the time the event started we were so smashed against the gate we couldn't even move and could barely see what was going on. So in case you are ever in London and are planning to see this even it really isn't all it is cracked up to be, maybe if you have a good seat but I would have rather spent those 2 hours seeing other things!

These are the 2 best pictures I got from it! 
The Royal Mews riding school
Tack room
The golden carriage 
London Eye... Largest Ferris Wheel in Europe over 450 ft. high. I wanted to ride it, my first ferris wheel ride, then I found out it cost 17 GBP and took 30 minutes... Oh well
Big Ben 
Parliament Buildings... I loved these buildings they were amazing! 

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben with the London Eye in the background

Westminster Abbey

Tower Bridge
Rachal and I 
View of the City from Tower Bridge
Tower of London 

Mmm Ben and Jerry's 
The London Bridge 
Waiting for the Tube
Wellington Arch
Phone Booth 
Mail Box
Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios

Gotta get fish and chips in London
Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station... Harry Potter! This took some time to find it is not placed between platforms 9 and 10 like you might think it is back in the corner by the trash cans haha, still worth the search! 

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