Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break Part 4: Dublin

Our last stop of Spring Break was Dublin! It was a lot of fun everybody is super friendly in Ireland and wants to know everything about you! Dublin is definitely not a little town in Ireland it is more like a large city! I did a lot of just walking around and saw a few sights here and there! Although I had a great time in Dublin I will definitely be back to Ireland and see all the beautiful landscapes and small towns!!

More Pictures :)

The Pub we went to the first night and got some good food and good entertainment!
Baby Guinness a crazy Irish man bought for us... they were pretty good tasted like butterscotch! 
The Guinness Storehouse where I tried guinness for the first time and it is gross!

View of Dublin from the top of the storehouse in the gravity bar

Trinity College
Dublin Castle 

St. Patricks Cathedral 

Fish and Chips again from what it known as the best in Dublin, but they weren't that good
Doyle Pub

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  1. Cassie! you look like you are having the time of your life! i'm so jealous! ps i want to ride in the golden carrigae. you should have jacked it duh.