Thursday, May 7, 2009

A great trip to end my experience in Italy!!

For my last trip of the semester I headed off to SICILY!!! I went with a group of friends and we didn't have any plans except to go and enjoy one of our final weekends in Italy!! I had such a great time just wandering around Palermo for a few days. We also hung out at the beach a lot and went to a festival in the small neighboring town Monreale. I loved that we didn't have plans to see all the "sights" instead we just hung out and relaxed... it was like a REAL vacation!!!
As we were wandering through Palermo we just happened to find every sight there is to see without even referencing a map. I guess traveling in Europe for 4 months was pretty good practice we looked like locals, besides the stopping to take pictures every 5 seconds part!
The Duomo

I LOVE hydrangeas!!!!!!

Teatro Massimo
Me, Nicole and Chris at the beach
Crystal clear water... absolutely BEAUTIFUL

I wanted to go on a sailboat all weekend, instead I just watched them from the shore
windsurfing... almost tried it then we realized it was REALLY hard

Nicole, me and Bethany

Hanging out



candy everywhere


They serve their gelato in bread... sounds strange but its surprisingly good

Of course we ended with the beach!

P.S.~ If you are ever in Sicily which is a place I absolutley recommend if you are in Italy you have to go to the best reasturant I have eaten at since I have been in Italy!! The food was amazing, try the Bruchetta, Grilled Veggtable and couscous con carne you won't be dissapointed!! Anyway the reasturant is called La Maran and it is a little place that is not a tourist reasturant!! To get there you turn down the little road that takes you to the front of the Duomo and then once you pass the Duomo go right and then follow that street until the next street and go left take that all the way down to a little piazza area and turn right there will be a little arch bridge you pass under and the reasturant in on the left!!!

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