Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bracciano, Caprarola and the Zoo

Last week I took a day trip to Bracciano on Wednesday, which is a small town about 40 minutes from Viterbo. There is a Big lake and a Castle that over looks the lake which is what we went to see! (supposedly Tom Cruise and Katie Homes got married at the castle, but they are lame so who cares haha). It was a very cute town and the views of the lake from the top of the castle were beautiful, unfortunately the water in the lake is not good water, I guess it has a lot of chemicals in it so you can't swim in it. 

On Friday I had another field trip for my gardens class to Caprarola. We toured the palace first and then we went into the gardens. 

On Sunday I went to zoo in Rome with Rachal, Jenny, Beth, Amy, Paige, Tina and Mike! It was fun to see the zoo, it wasn't the best zoo I have ever been to (the best zoo I have ever been to is probably the Bronx zoo), but it was still a lot of fun! 


Entrance to the Castle 

Views of the Lake from the top of the Castle 


Castle from a distance 

Walking to the lake


That was the steepest hill ever and we had to walk up it

My favorite tree, they are starting to bloom everywhere I love it!!

 (Mom do you know what it is?)


The Palace

Map Room: the whole room had maps of every country painted on the walls

It was used by the servants 

Wooden Ceiling: this was my favorite one

All the other ceilings were frescoed

A chair: I love seeing the furniture in the palaces because that is was I have learned about!

Another ceiling 

Interior Courtyard 

Main staircase

The Garden

Jenny, Amy, Me Rachal

Water Chain

This convent was built so that there would be something to
look at while walking across the bridge from the Palace to the gardens 


Mom do you know what theses are too?

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