Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Southern Italy

Last week our group sponsored a trip for us to Southern Italy. We left Monday and headed to Napoli. Napoli is probably my least favorite part of Italy so far. It was not what I was expecting it to be, it is a very large city, it reminded me of New York City, but way dirtier. I was only there for half a day but that was ok with me, I am sure there are nice areas, however it is not somewhere I would recommend to visit in Italy. After we left Napoli we headed to Sorrento where we stayed for the week. On Tuesday we went to Pompei, Wednesday we had a free day and a group of us went to Capri for the day, it was my favorite part of the week!! Thursday we went to the Amalfi Coast and Ravello, then Friday we headed back to Viterbo, but made a stop in Caserta first to see the Palace and garden!! It was a fun week off with everyone, I am glad I got to see so much. I feel like I have pretty much conquered Italy I have seen so much of the North and now the South and I have been living in central Italy!! It has been such an amazing experience and I have loved every minute of it!!!

More Pictures:

Margarita pizza from Napoli, where is was created, unfortunately not that good

Castle in Napoli

Table in the Archeological museum in Napoli, I remember learning about this in my historic furniture class

Piazza in Napoli

Sorrento, the town we stayed in during our South of Italy tour, I am glad we stayed here rather than Napoli, becasue I didn't like Napoli at all and Sorrento was very nice!


Walking to the Pier in Sorrento

Orange/Lemon tree... Crazy!

Mt. Vesuvius, I never got to walk up in becasue the day we were supposed to go the weather was bad so they moved it to the next morning, but I went to Capri that day instead, becasue it was the only time I would be able to go



Me, Rachal and Amy on a boat tour around Capri!

I am glad I went to Capri instead of hiking up the volcano! This was the best part of the trip :)

Jenny and I

The Green Grotto

Under the arch!

The whole gang who went to Capri instead!
we pretty much had the whole boat to ourselves it was awesome!

Jenny and I on the Beach!

Beautiful crystal clear water!

View from the top of capri

Amalfi Coast

Fog on top of the mountains

The tiny streets our mini bus barely fit down! Our group had to split into to different mini vans to get to Amalfi because the roads are so narrow and curvy right on the edge of cliffs that our big bus would have never fit!


Inside the Crypt of the Amalfi Duomo

The Duomo of Amalfi

Villa Rufolo Gardens in Ravello

The travel crew: Me, Beth, Jenny, Mike, Amy, Bethay and Rachal

The Garden on Caserta, it is 3 miles long

We made it to the top of the garden!

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