Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homemade Pasta!

Last week in cuisine class we learned how to make homemade pasta. We made 3 different kinds of noodles: plain, spinach noodles and squid ink. Then we made 2 different fillings for ravioli, the first one was a spinach and ricotta filling that we put in the spinach and plain noodles and the second was a pumpkin filling which we put in the plain noodles. The whole process took a while, but it is not hard and it was a lot of fun! Our teacher was very impressed with our class because our pasta turned out so good. Everything was very good especially the pumpkin filled ravioli, it was different than most pasta because it was sweet, but it was delicious, just like pretty much anything with pumpkin in it! We didn't try the squid ink noodles because we were to full by the end of class. I am loving this class, it is making me really want to take some culinary classes when I get home :)

Here are some pasta pictures:

Hard at work rolling out the dough

Then stuffing them

This is my little creation

Time to cook 'em... homemade pasta cooks really fast!

This is the spinach filled

This is the pumpkin filled with a walnut butter sauce... MmMm

The rolled out dough, the black one is the squid ink

Cutting the dough with the pasta machine!

This was all left over... we made a ton!


  1. i wouldnt touch the squid stuff either! when u get home ur making me the pumkin ravioli stuff...yumm

  2. Hahah Yeah the class before that one we made rice with squid cooked in the squid ink... not that great! But yeah I will totally make you the Pumpkin Ravioli we will have a dinner night :)