Monday, March 9, 2009

The Vatican

This weekend I had another field trip for my survey of art class, this time we went to the Vatican. I was really excited to go since that is pretty much the only place I haven't seen in Rome! When we got there we went to St. Peters Square first and then into St. Peters Basilica. The church is so amazing, it is massive you feel tiny being inside it. The Baldacchino, by Bernini, inside the church is 98 ft tall and stands under the dome. There is also writing all around the top of the walls and it is so high up that each letter is over 6 ft tall, but you would never guess by looking at them. It is unbelievable. Also inside the Basilica is the Pieta statue by Michelangelo. After we went through the Basilica we went into the Vatican Museum and went straight into the Sistine Chapel. When I walked in I didn't think I was in the Sistine Chapel yet because I was told by a handful of people that they are extremely strict and if you get caught taking a picture they will take your camera, but when I walked in there were flashes going off everywhere and everyone had cameras out. I looked at Rachal and we were both like, "this is nuts" and started snapping away. After about 5 minutes of getting pictures a voice comes on the intercom and says, "Please be silent and No Photos" after it said it in about 8 different languages everyone immediately put their cameras away and the guards starting being strict again. It was the strangest thing ever I guess we got there right in time for the picture taking opportunity :) After we left the Sistine Chapel we continued on to Raphael's Rooms. The Vatican is such a huge place and there is no way we could have seen it all in a day so I will definitely be going back! It was so great to finally see in though... hopefully next time I will see the Pope I heard that he blesses the crowds on Wednesdays and Sundays! 

Here are some more photos:

Fire in the Borgo (In Raphael Rooms)

St. Peters Basilica 
Pieta by Michelangelo 

These are the 6' tall letters

Baldacchino by Bernini 98' Tall 

St. Peters Square

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  1. Cassie! How neat! That is so awesome that you are in ITALY! It looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!