Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rome: Colosseum and Roman Forum

I am a little behind on my blog so this is my post from last weekend the March 6-7. On Friday the 6th I had my first field trip for my Survey of Art class to Rome. First we went to 2 baroque style churches and after we went to the Borghese Gallery. It was really interesting to see the differences in the 2 churches, even though they were both from the baroque period and they had some similarities they gave you completely different feels. And the Borghese Gallery was full of pieces we had learned about in class by Caravaggio and Bernini. It is awesome to be able to see the actual piece as you learn about it. Art history classes can be just about the most boring classes in the world because you just look at slides every class, but when you get to go see actual art the class becomes the most interesting class. I remember being in my Architectural and Furniture history classes and they were so boring, but at the same time I was so interested because I new I was going to get to see so many of the things I was learning about, and now that I am here and really seeing them it is surreal.

On Saturday the 7th Rachal and I went back to Rome to go back to the Colosseum and take the inside tour. It was really amazing to see, the Colosseum is such a cool building, and the fact that is still standing is pretty much amazing to me. I can't even describe it but it is an awesome place to see and going inside is a must. The ticket to get inside in good at the Colosseum as well as the Roman Forums, so after the Colosseum we went over to the Forums and walked around for awhile. It was really warm on Saturday and the Forums are huge so we didn't get through it all but we go through most of it. It is a crazy place to be because it is the part of ancient Rome that has been excavated and used to be Romes central square. Today there are pieces of Architecture all over some still standing and some laying on their side. Most of the monuments are roped off so you can't touch them but there are also pieces laying off to the side like ancient capitols and columns. It is a very neat historical sight to see. After the Forum we were starving so we set out in search for the Hard Rock Cafe that we knew was near. Finally after about 30 min of searching we found it and it was totally worth searching for. We have been missing our comfort food and we finally got to have some, they had Ice Tea with ICE, which is just unheard of in Italy, and they had Ranch, which is also unheard of in Italy. We were pretty much in heaven, I know it is sad but we haven't had our normal food in over 2 months and you can only eat so much pizza. Then when we got home that night we went over to a friends apartment and made some Mexican food which was really good as well. Then on Sunday night we went to another friends apartment and made some breakfast for dinner, egg sandwhiches, hash browns and fruit salad. It was a good weekend of food and fun!!

Interior of the 1st Church

Front of the 2nd Church

Interior of 2nd Church

In the park on the walk to the Borghese Gallery

The Bird House at the Borghese


View of Constantines Arch from the Colosseum

INSIDE THE FORUM on a corinthian capitol

Rachal and I

MmMMm a salad with RANCH!!!

And ICE tea... I was having withdrawls

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